Error starting vvvv the first time


I just downloaded vvvv today for the first time. After unzipping and starting vvvv.exe I got the error message “vvvv.exe encountered a problem and needs to be closed”. After clicking don’t send error report I got the message “Runtime error 217 at 0065637C”. What can I do to get vvvv running?
My system configuration is:

Pentium 1,6GHz Mobile
512 MB RAM
Windows XP Pro SP2
DirectX 9.0c
ATI Mobility Radeon 9700
System language German

Does it belong to the grafic card?

thx for help



your system sounds good. never heard of that error. the closest i can think of: are you running windows as administrator? you should be admin at least the first time you start vvvv (where things get installed) and when you want to uninstall.exe it.

Indeed I’am the admin. I found out, that it is an error of the delphi compiler. It stands for invalid operation code.

I tried it with several older versions too, but everytime the same error.

Next week I will try it on other systems.

hi, i had the same error with a usb midi interface. if the interface was not connected, vvvv gives this error. if i remove the drivers .cpl file from the windows system32 directory, vvvv starts. so check your drivers…