Error reporting in the Patch Editor doesn't refresh properly

while the new Error window improved the overall situation by a lot, there has been a major regression since a while …
Even though this error is very annoying, somehow nobody (including me) got around to reporting this so far - so here we go.

I have to hit F4 to manually trigger recompiling a couple times a day (also in different “levels” of my patch, because it only updates the patch currently in view) to make the UI refresh and stop reporting fixed warnings and errors on nodes, while they are correctly updated in the Error reporting window.
It has gotten to a point where I do this almost as excessively as hitting Ctrl+S in terms of muscle memory.

Present in 5.3 preview 0214 and since a while (let me check 5.2, will report back shortly).
Double-Edit: yes, also present in 5.2 already

See gif below:

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hehe same here :)

Cross referencing this for the future


Thanks for bringing this up again and again. Finally fixed it by re-evaluating dependent patches should the error state of a patch change compared to the previous snapshot.