Error message: can't draw whole geometry at once


i get the following message: can’t draw whole geometry at once: * for example you have spreaded a texture / renderstate / texturestate… switching to slicewise rendering.

what does this mean?

i have 3 quads with spreaded texture (2048x2048px) in DX1 format.


its not serious. you can set Draw Sliceise to avoid it. vvvv sets this internally and kind of informs you in the TTY

yes, what sebl says… the background is, that the quad for instance has an optimized draw call. when possible it creates a big vertex buffer with all quads and transformations in it. this is much, much faster than doing a draw call for each quad. this is called instancing. here is another thread about it:

ya, it is just an information that tells you about a potential performance loss. when not spreading texture/renderstate/samplerstate vvvv can draw many quads with a single drawcall, ie. fast.

as soon as you spread any of those parameters vvvv still draws all but in separated drawcalls which be slower with higher spreadcounts. since you’re talking about 3 quads…never mind.


assumed i get problems when i am using more then 3 quads with these big textures… should i use a shader instead?

the problem is not about quad vs. shaders. as joreg stated it’s about draw calls. if you draw 50 quads with the same material/texture vvvv can draw all these meshes in 1 draw call, but if you’d use e.g. 50 different materials/textures vvvv would have to issue 50 draw calls.

also: some more hints in this thread at stackoverflow