Error exporting (F#)

I get this error trying to run a successfully exported patch (using Elementa, ZeroMQ)

Not quite clear why FSharp.Core.dll wasn’t copied to your output directory. You’ll have to send us the project so we can have a look in order to provide a fix.
Your workaround would be to copy that dll in your output folder (the lib folder beside your generated exe).

Kontrol_Gamma (2).zip (224.0 KB)

Thanks, I can see the problem now. As long as we don’t have a fix for this, add a nuget reference to FSharp.Core ( from within one of your documents so you don’t need to copy it manually all the time on export.

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Latest preview builds (2021.3 & 2021.4) contain the proper fix now. The exported project file representing a patched library will also reference the nuget package it originated from. That way the dependencies as defined by the nuget flow into the build/export process.

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