Eobody2 USB RelayBoard

Any thoughts on the Eobody2 USB RelayBoard?

Any ideas or help with the imagined configuration in the graphic:https://vvvv.org/sites/default/files/imagecache/large/images/WagonWheelGobos.png
(Using VVVV instead of Logic & Reaktor of course)

If this is correct, I assume it installs as MIDI device on your computer, and than vvvv can talk to it.

But you are are going for DC engines, I wonder why you need this relay board that can switch 220v AC.

A relay is an electric ON/OFF switch for stuff you normally plug in your wall outlet, meaning you can only make an engine go, or stop. Quickly switching isn’t possible, and even worst, it could/would kill your relay.

Arduino might be a cleaner/saver/better/cheaper solution.


Thank you for the reply. I was hoping for a simple plug and play solution, because the way they made it sound:

“It can control any electric devices powered with 220V. Why not controlling your washing machine with your sequencer?!”

but… I was misunderstanding what that relayboard is. So anyhow…

the revised question I suppose should be:

are there any non-DIY USB devices with electronic speed controllers and/or digital? potentiometers (where midi values are interpreted as voltages) to accomplish the above (in the graphic) with out-of-the-box minimal fuss (no programming & soldering/breadboarding)?

If nothing else, I’ll have a look through all thats here: http://www.modularsquare.com

Not sure if this device is supported in VVVV (device phidgets)
http://www.phidgets.com/products.php?category=12&product_id=1064_1 but I guess it would be really easy to use. (Even if its not supported there is a ready made sample for C# on the page)It`s not midi, but why are you so focused on MIDI? If you get Midi into VVVV you can map the midi values to whatever you want.

One more approach could be using a USB > DMX dongle along with a DMX Dimmerpack (the cheap ones with 4x 220V outlets) and 4 fans or AC motors.

Before we make up all awesome ideas (@Patrick, I would go for a switchpack, cozz dimming a motor is bad-ish for the brushes), lets start the other way around.

What do you want to do, and what motors are you going to need? Is the load heavy, is precision important, do you need to control speed, or do you just want to turn on/off rotation, do you need more than 180 degrees?

robi_h, right. I was looking at those too: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/8457

Seems like the best match 2x2. Thanks. Wasn’t sure if MIDI or USB was the key feature to have here.

Looking forward to hearing back from Eowave on this topic.

Hi xirja,

Westbam said^“Arduino might be a cleaner/saver/better/cheaper solution.”
I think he is right.

Arduino is the best way to control Motor speed from VVVV.
It’s a bit more DIY than the Midi Relays, But Speed control is also more advanced than switching.
Most Arduinos can be plugged by USB, with firmata protocol communicating to VVVV is made easy for you.