Enttec pro dmx IN, patch writters needed

hi all !
here is a quick first version for test of a dmxIN listener working actually with the enttec pro. some other hardware will come after.

it will send on the network in broadcast the incoming DMX.

its configuration is simple, there is a little text file with it, where you can set up some params:

11059 4 120
The IP

11059: the port to listen
4 : range of interface ( 4 is ENTTEC PRO)
120: max channels is 120 sending here, but you can put 512 also. it affects only the length of the string that is sended.
192.168.1 : network adresses concerned (do not put neither return or space after this)

it would be really great if anybody can write a nice patch to get the UDP incoming levels in vvvv ( i have not so much time to do it and sure you will do it better than me ;-) ).

cheers, christoph

little_mouse_dmxIN.zip (307.9 kB)

… as usual a somehow dummy pb… long time i didnt put myself in vvvv…

this patch receives dmx from the enttec pro trhuth little_mouse UDP client.
actually it works until the conversion to a float value usable in vvvv.
I do not understand WHY I can t get values from my string… sure this is a dummy micky minny…

think i need help… ;-)

little_mouse_udpreceiver_test.v4p (8.1 kB)


snap_little_mouse.jpg (369.9 kB)

you didnt know byte (string)…

karistouf.v4p (5.0 kB)

merci merci merci merci … ;-)