Enttec ODE : Where to buy?

Hi all,

I´m looking for an EntTec ODE, shipment is to Germany. What´s a good price on that and can you recommend any dealers ?

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hi don,

http://l-t-u.de distributes Enttec products in Germany.
236,81 EUR + shipment


just a newbie dmx/artnet question:

is it possible to have both a LAN connection and the ENTTEC ODE
plugged on the same Ethernet port (eg:laptop) using an ethernet switch:
setup IP1 for LAN and IP2 for Artnet in the TCP/IP config panel…


yes circuitb. of course ! especially if you set your artnet device to a 2.255.255. adress…
do not forget to upgrade your firmaware as there is a deep bug inside the pic programmation that may completely block your artnet ode ( if you send artnet stream to it and you are configuring your ip adress at the same time)

@deepimage: in france its less costy to buy it from autralia ! ( what a shame for eco-considerations :-( )

Merci karistouf :)
good to know…added to the wiki