Enttec DMX usb pro



still the best and cheap option to do lights with vvvv ?


I know it is a little bit more expensive, but so much cooler to have it on ethernet than USB:

Artnet rocks!

with the ODE, you need no drivers, you can use it straight out of the box without making any network settings at all.

yes, but you need an alimentation. so if you are touring a lot, prefer an usb one. ( bag is heavy sometimes)

for myself, despite i have an artnet one and many other dmx devices ( due to my horrible activity of light designer), i m using most of the time and enttec pro. my rj45 is plugued to vvvv on other computers ;-)

Awesome, I ll stick to the USB Pro I think, I knew about the ODE too but budget rules these days.
BTW it s my first time with DMX, it s gonna be fun!

enjoy ;-) !

Hi io

i,m more into ODE or ODE with Poe and about space i found by chance that an usb cable to dc plug feeds the device i know it should not as it says 9v and usb is 5v ,this worked for me so far without problems while testing quick things , i wont risk on a project though in case .

USB can always cause driver trouble in future OS.
i’m sick of devices that i can’t use with win7 64bit anymore.

Artnet is futuresafe!
keep that in mind.

Kalle is right, but i have a real doubt about enttec endings its leading product USB PRO ;-) same thing for FTDII drivers. This company is a big one,and leader in its field.
if so there will be always someone to maintain a so distributed hardware. ;-)

I had very good experience with the rodin1.

It is working with win7 64bit.

Enttec USB Pro ordered for 121 euros with shipping to the Canary Islands, now let s see how it goes through our terrible custom fees.