Endless wheel (fiducials)

this topic may interrest some of us…
here is a beginning of patch, where i m using LFO as a the Rotation value of a fiducial ( for test).

My attempt is to enable an “endless wheel comportment” of the received rotation parameter ( wich is 0 to 1).

I m moving big big frames ( 10240 * 768, a ten times horizontal rez) with it.
fiducials delivers an info for rotation from 0 to 1 and when you use them, and you are near the 1, you usually get back to 0.

this patch works good in one way, but flash in reversed way… any idea ?

rotation_sans_fin(Fidu).v4p (16.4 kB)

maybe like this?

im not a fan of solutions with thresholds but i guess there is no other solution in this case?

endless encoder.v4p (7.3 kB)

IMHO the threshold is full acceptable. i would have done this exactly this way

but indeed there is another node which may come useful here Hysteresis (Animation)

anotherone for widely unknown, but useful nodes

thanks elektromeyer!
elegance elegance… one day i will arrive to so simple solutions ;-) framedifference is fare more easier to get the way !

hysteris is very interresting as low/high pass filtering ;-)
thanks also for this information Kalle ;-)