Endless text menu scroll

Hello at all,
another time here :)

i’m trying to make a smooth menu with infinite scroll but i have a little bug.
I’ve made a spread of 250 text and the position of this spread is controlled by a linearspread, in order to make 250 different value on Y position.

When i scroll the spread with a damper to make a little smooth effect its create a strange effect of overlap text entries.

In attached I will post the example patch…

anything can help me?



p.s. i want to make a menu like iphone timer configuration.

endless_SCROLL.v4p (9.2 kB)

try turning on the Cyclic pin of your Damper!

thx for your solution but it doesn’t work…when i put the cyclic pin on 1, the spread deseaper…

well that’s pretty obvious problem with damper, u need to reset damper on slice that goes from +1 whatever to -1 whatever since that what cha see

this will work otherway around

endless_SCROLL_1.v4p (10.8 kB)

you can also put a cyclic damper on the phase of the linear spread, which is also way more efficient because only one value has to be filtered. just saw that its basically the same as antokhios patch.

endless_SCROLL (1).v4p (13.3 kB)