Enable Script(*.csx) Interfaces inVL

I have tried to add an interface, which I defined in a *.csx file, to a VL.Class.
The VL.Editor did not find the interface.

Then I tried to add the interface in the VL file manually and it worked out of the box.

	<TypeReference LastCategoryFullName="InterfacesToImoprt" LastSymbolSource="InterfacesToImoprt.csx">
		<CategoryReference Kind="Category" Name="InterfacesToImoprt" />
		<Choice Kind="InterfaceTypeFlag" Name="IMyInterface" />

From my point of view, all you would have to do is add the interfaces in the csx file to the SearchPath.
Is that correct?

Would be very practical in any case.

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And anothe goodie … add *.csx to the Filemask of “Add Dependency” FileDialog