Enable and Disable trautner

Hi everyone! I am a newbie with vvvv and I’m stuck with a problem. (I guess is a problem…)

I have a videoin linked to a trautner and I need to disable it, so I can link it to another one.
I know there are ways to make two trautners work, but I need to disabling the first one so the mask doesn’t interfer with the second one.

All help is much appreciated.

hm…not sure what your problem is. please try to illustrate it with a simple patch…

Sorry if I didn’t explain it well.

Here’s de patch zipped (it contains images too)
As you can see the trautners have different masks so I wanted to disable the first one so it doesn’t interfere with the second’s mask.

trautner.zip (14.9 kB)

k, no i see your patch, but still i don’t see your problem. in your patch you have two trautners connected just fine.

i am wondering why you’d need different masks at all, since you can define 256 different areas within 1 mask already. and then getslice only those areas you’re interested in at the moment. no?

Thanks for taking your time with this. Finaly I was able to change between mask just using a _switch_node, so now it’s fine.

Thanks again!!