Elementa questions

pinging @dottore / @sebescudie for some help with elementa

I wonder about few things with elementa, first I have this problem that label never fits the size of widget when I load up patch, I have to change size a little to update it:

to do styling, I assing ID to things and then style with stylerule and stylablepreprocessor settings is that good wrokflow, isnt it causing this problem? I am doing it like this because I have foreach region that generates multiple bangs and labels, and its much cheaper on performance to assing ID and then style it.

And lastly - isnt there a lot of space for improvement with implementing some cache regions in elementa nodes?

Hey there!

Tried to repro your screenshot here but could not see the issue you’re mentioning about labels not having the correct size. I’m attaching it to this post, maybe that can help.

Regarding styling, I don’t see any issue with the workflow you described.

Now about those improvements, could you be more specific? What would you cache in there? As you might have seen if you look inside the widget nodes, they’re fragmented, meaning that inputs are assigned to their own operations. Which means that for input parameters that are not meant to change, you can assign them to Create, allowing you to save performance. I did that with the ID component in the patch I provided.

Hope this helps!

stix_elementa_repro.vl (15.9 KB)

anything I do with IDs is not getting updated, only if whole layout changes,
but local style rules are getting updated instatly with any change - so I cant switch IDs to get different looks, or on startup there is some problem with text sizing etc.