Efficient patching - addons


I really want to use link to all of the addons I’ve created/collected in the root, making them available directly from the vvvv node browser but…

How do I then easily gather all of the relevant files, copy them to a location local to the patch I’m working on (to make the patch portable), and change all of the relevant file paths accordingly?

Doing this manually is a paaaiin and probably negates the benefit of having easy access to the addons. Is there some kind of automatic process I’ve missed?


the rule for portable patches is: all external stuff must be in the patch folder, except things form the addonpack.

if you have folders:


besides a patch then all stuff in there will show up in the nodelist: nodes and paths

Surely that makes the contributions filepath functionality in the root a bit redundant?

We need a collect external objects function that gathers external addons and places them in the patch directory, or at least tells you all of the objects in your patch that are not contained internally, otherwise you only find out when you get red nodes when running the patch elsewhere (though that’s way better than no red nodes!)

Seems patching could get way more fluid if I could have access to all the addons I might want in the node menu, but I can’t see why you would if you then have to search for them all later and manually copy then replace each one…

we are well aware of that problem. woei made a promising module once, which gathers some stuff and replaced links. its still possible with a module ot plugin i would say. so if anyone is up for it?

the searchpath is meant to be a local dir in which you drop all contributions downloaded. so you have them all in the nodelist. if a project needs some of them, copy them into the patch dir. the good thing is, you can specify this dir in all roots, so all betas will find all your downloaded stuff, without copying them from beta to beta…

Maybe a proposal for next beta:

*Create a new project menu entry

*This creates a folder with the proper sub folders and a root file

*When you add a node form the node browser it automatically copy the node to the project folder, if you delete a node it gets deleted also in the folder project

(not that I am completely uncomfortable with doing that manually as I do right now)


i wrote a plugin for that 2 years ago, but it’s not usefull anymore since dynamic plugins arrived and also the xml syntax changed.

talked with joreg about that collecting thing already.
guess the best point to start with that is deriving it from the existing finder code.
there would be no need to change the patches themselves anymore, since v4 will find the necessary files automatically when copied to the correct folder structure.
assets would be missing still though