EEG over Arduino to VVVV

Hello everybody,

I am trying to send the data that the Arduino Uno receives from the MindFlex Duel Headset over pin 0 (RX) and the ground pin to VVVV.

Unfortunately, I don’t know much when it comes to Arduino programming and can’t seem to get it to send the received data that is displayed in the Arduino Serial Monitor to VVVV.

I am using the Brain library, specifically the BrainSerialTest.ino file to receive 11 values each second.

How can I send the received data in the Arduino Serial Monitor to VVVV? Can I combine the Brain library with Firmata and how?

You can find the whole project explained here

and the Brain Library GitHub files here

Thank you!

If there is information displayed in the Serial Monitor of de Arduino SDK, you can receive it in vvvv. It is that simple.

You would use an RS232 Node, and use bautrate as said in your Arduino code (look for the Serial.begin command).
And a Tokenizer would help to catch all tjhe data that is send in between 2 vvvv frames.

But you have to remember, only 1 software at a time has access to the serial port, so in order to use vvvv, you have to completely close the Arduino software.