Editor Features Comment Find Replace


Is there a shortcut for :

Comment and uncomment

Find Replace word (I found Find only) CRTL+F

in the Editor like the shader and pluging one ? If not will be quite handy to have, or a list of commands for the editors that are available in case they exist.


no replace but codeeditor shortcuts

thanks joreg

hi i did not get this working :

Comment out codeblock CTRL # comments the selected codeblock out (works as a toggle)

maybe my spanish keyboard ?
anyone got it working ?

Also for me does not work, I tryed with italian and english layout

Hello guys

anyone founds out what is the key for Comment and uncomment in english or other non german keyboards


k, on english keyboard it is: ctrl+/
on spanish it is: ctrl+ç
on italian: ctrl+ù

(note to self: figure out how this is supposed to work actually)

hi joreg thank you , Spanish keyboard shortcut works