Editing Wave3d

So I’ve been messing with the code for wave3d from the addon pack, probably wrongly (!) I’ve copied the code into a dynamic plugin, which is working, but when I try and add an input it throws errors,
First I tried copying another input pn and altering the name

FHost.CreateValueInput(“Decay”, 1, null, TSliceMode.Single, TPinVisibility.True, out FDecayInput);
FDecayInput.SetSubType(double.MinValue, double.MaxValue, 0.001, 0.01, false, false, false);


FHost.CreateValueInput(“Speed”, 1, null, TSliceMode.Single, TPinVisibility.True, out FSpeedInput);
FSpeedInput.SetSubType(double.MinValue, double.MaxValue, 0.001, 0.01, false, false, false);

for example, but when I do I get a few errors does not exist in current context is ok, I’ve not used the pin yet,
but also
Arguement 6: cannot convert from ‘out FSpeedInput’ to out VVVV.pluginInterfaces.V1.IValueIn’
and also The Best overloaded method match for VVVV.pluginInterfaces.V1 etc has some invalid arguements.

Given that I’ve just copied an already existing pin and just changed the name, I’m a little confused, I also tried to use the syntax from a Tmeplate plugin, and that threw other wierd errors…
What am I missing that I should look at here?

hi cat, totally missed this one… do you still have the issue?

Yes, but I’ve stopped trying to solve it now…
It would be nice to know why it doesn;t work, so I dont do it again though!

the first error means that you have to declare the variable FSpeedInput before you can use it. look somewhere up in the file into the region field declaration where the other pins are declared. this should also fix the second error…