Editing the documentation of a Class throws an exception


this is on 2021.4.4 - 0737.

I have a class Foo used as a process node. The state output of this process node is linked to several other processes (Baz in my repro patch).

when I go to the definitions and CTRL+M to set some documentation on that Foo class, gamma throws this exception :

VL.Lang.Platforms.Roslyn.EmitException: D:\documents\vvvv\gamma-preview\Sketches\ControlM.vl.cs(51,317): error CS0115: 'Baz_FHLpTmcWVWRO1Bu0D55zjRImpl.Update(Foo_C)': no suitable method found to override

full error message (taken from the console) is visible here.

repro steps :

  • open the attached patch
  • go to the definitions, press CTRL + M and select Foo
  • set a summary, you should see the exception

ControlM.vl (6.8 KB)

this is what happens after the renaming :



Thanks. Fixed in upcoming builds.

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