Editing string IO Boxes

How to edit the text in an IOBox (String), which is connected to a freeframe?
Editing works fine by entering the text directly into the IOBox as long as the IOBox’s output pin isn’t connected to a freeframe…but rightclicking the input pin when the IOBox is connected to a freeframe doesn’t bring up the dialog box as usual…

hm, if you just doubleclick the IOBox (String) you can usually enter text.

Usually, yes… but can you enter a new line, when the IOBox is connected to a freeframe? I can enter text, yes, but I can’t add a new line by pressing enter. Whenever I hit “Enter”, the box loses focus. If the IOBox is connected to other nodes than freeframes I can enter text and add new lines as usual (without the IOBox losing focus)…Maybe my selfmade freeframe is faulty…

ah, now i see, what you mean. this is because of the pins subtype. via freeframe you cannot specify the string-inputs subtype to be a “long” string, therefore in vvvv an attached iobox doesn’t accept returns.

but there is a dumb workaround: between the freeframe-pin and the iobox you need to put a node that has a string-pin of subtype “long”, like the S+H (String) node. see?