Editing and Transforming Video Files in VVVV

Hi! I am new to vvvv, but intermediately familiar with a few coding languages and MaxMSP.

I am looking for ways to edit, transform, and sequence video files in vvvv.

I’m particularly interested in creating a windy-motion-blur effect, having effects be impacted by sound, and the ability to sequence the videos and effects.

If someone could point me to tutorials that explain how to approach this, or help me get started with this, it would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

hei ti4na,

i’d recommend you starting with this tutorial: Video Effects and Compositing.

then regarding audio-reactive animations, have a look at the demos here:


and for sequencing have a look at timeline options. and also VL.Tilda the latest development in timelining.

and let us know if you have any more specific questions!

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