Editing a module

ok, i dont know how i did it but i seem to have saved over my patch wth a blank patch…doh.

ive found what i made in the module list and can load the module, but how can i open it to continue working on it?

obviously, if id finished the module, then it wouldnt be a problem, but i havnt, but have put a few days work in so would rather not start from scratch again if possible.



rightclick on a module should bring up the patch, which can be edited and saved like a usual patch. if you have overwritten your patch, look out for a ~.xml file with the same name and rename it to .v4p, thats a backup…

and alt-3 hides the module (and every other window) again. dont confuse with ctrl-w, this deletes the module…

but: what do you mean with open it? when you click on your module in you list a small node should apear with your given name. then just rightclick it as tonfilm said…

cheers people, i shall have a go now! (although i think ive tried right click and it did nothing for me) give me a few mins though just in case im being a fool…


right clicking only allowed me to change a value and not edit it - its only semi built (well almost finished actualy) but not ready yet. alt-w also gave me no joy. also renamed the xml file, but its an exact copy of the original.

its my first project, so there is the chance ive done something wrong and am happy to be told so, as long as its constructively so;)

I have attachd the v4p file which is 72kb which seems like it should contain something to me, but it just opens up to the root level - can someone try and open it/make it editable, so i can finish it please.

hopefully someone can help me, as this was my “do i want to use VVVV or Salvation” test and this could sway my decision quite heavily.



mixer 710.v4p (73.4 kB)

the file is somehow corrupt. there is the < / PATCH > tag missing in the end but there is more wrong. the patch u did is inside the file but something is missing so it wont open the patch.

maybe joreg has a clue what happend. is vvvv really that picky in terms of clean xml content of v4p files ?

phew, well at least its not just me!

oik fixed…there wasnt just the patch tag missing but a node tag as well…thanx to joreg who found it.

both of us dont have a clue how 2 lines of the xml code just disappear. looks like sabotage ;)

anyway…here is the working file

mixer 710fixed.v4p (73.5 kB)

thankyou VERY much for that, im assuming this isnt common problem.

would you be able to explain how it was fixed? im gonna be using it live (i think i will fall in to the category of a paying user - but wanna give it a full test before i do) but obviously dont want this problem when im in front of thousands of people (i play out most weekends and earn my living from visuals)

just for reference though, nobody had touched the xml - i live on my own and the pc hasnt left the house and is a different one to the one i use on the net and i dont do xml at all, so i havnt touched it.

oh, and by the way… its my first patch, any obvious errors or ways i should do things differently? (obviuosly, no problem if you havnt looked at it)

open a v4p file with a text editor of your choice and have a look. v4p files contain xml code representing nodes and connections. the idea is to be able to dynamically generate such files or alter their behaviour from inside vvvv. there are several xml nodes to work with.

so what i did is i had a look at your file and compared it to a file which works and found this tag: < / PATCH > missing at the end of the file.

joreg told me that the < /NODE > is missing as well…just before < /PATCH >

randomly deleted lines in v4p files never happend (as far as i’m concerned) so far and is very very strange. therefore try to reproduce this problem and tell us in the forum how you made this.

cool mate, thanks for the info,i shall see if i can replicate the issue and let you know as soon as i do.

do you have a website mr.air ?

seconds later i searched for VJair via google and found one ;)

yes and no…i have a myspac if that can realy be called a site…lol… i hate myspace. it has some dodgy old videos on it, which are soon to be updated.

i only checked that the patch loaded on my system earlier, but have just gone in to continue editing… and quite a lot of my patch is missing too :(

lost one and half sequencers, my tap tempo and tempo multiplier (changed it to multiples of the tempo) and a few routings :(

this is not a good omen…

did you move around various subpatches on your hard disk? vvvv gets easily confused if patches are moved around - and will not throw any error messages about this.

messing around with the SetPatch might do anything to your patch.

as u7 already said, i am also quite confident that i never heard of people loosing parts of their patches. except in the above mentioned cases.