Edit splasscreen

is it possible to edit the splasscreen bmp ? dont ask why #licenses

simply replace splash.bmp in the /lib dir.

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Excellent suggestion and didn’t know it was possible. I am now writing the splash screen .bmp file from vvvv directly, so it always contains the new version number of our large patch. Sweeet…

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I made this.

One of the few non-broken, still valid, vvvvesque, with a sense, modestly useful, non nutella-ridden patches I’ve made.

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Haha, nice @h99, thats exactly what I ended up building as well, except I am actually using my main renderer with a resize node to scale the texture to the desired size (900x500px) and using the DX11 writer.

I was pleasantly surprised how well the grey bar adapts to different size images!

@seltzdesign yep, it’s from 2014… But it would be very easy to bring it to contemporary standards…

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