Edit mode

hi devvvvs! i found myself in this situation quite a few times now that when i have a resource consuming, big patch but i want only to copy some things from it or want to change a specific value inside i don’t really want to run the rendering or wait for initializing all the resourcehog stuff. i know vvvv is runtime only and stuff but there are definitely some situations where i want to load a patch only for viewing or editing not for running.
i think there should be a counterpart for /shutup like /editonly where only the patches and input IOBoxes are rendered and no other windows created or code executed.
or what if there would be a node in the root for pausing the mainloop without freezing the gui?
what do you say?

I think you can actually do that if you invoke a patch via vvvv itself and set the Evaluate pin to 0, a menu entry could be handy though.