Edirol V4 MIDI controll

I am working to figure out how to controll every function off my Edirol V4 video mixer using vvvv, and making massive progress.

I have almost figured out every MIDI command the V4 accepts, input selection was a hard one, but heheh… it works.

I was wondering if we have any V4 users here (like VJ-s) who would be interested to remote control their V4 from the PC.

Or any thoughts about it.

Now I am making an easy patch with some (back-end) stuff to control it.

If any one is interested, I am whilling to share this info.

make an annouce at vj forums, there are often threads about the V4 mixer. i’m sure you will find some fellows there …

best wishes

First post was mine hehe…

Well, 3 years ago, a person called Cliff did the same thing in MaxMSP (prety simulair to vvvv), he posted what he did on the VJ forum. He made a digital users interface for the V4.

I have Email contact with him now (he is interested in my LED project, and I am interested in his Patch) he helped me with the MIDI commands needed.

I know lots off VJ’s hang arround here, making vvvv eye candy to use in their gigs.

So now they can use remote MIDI commands to mix in their visuals if they are using more than 1 source (like a camera or other VJ software).

I wanne use this trick to automaticly mix in vvvv eyecandy in the new club we are making (same one as the LED and Foolproof LJ system is for)

Was just checking if I could please any one with this info.

I would really like to see what you came up with for the V4, I too started working on some automation through vvvv. I was only able to adjust a few things on the V4, and would like to see what you were able to discover.


Great to read a reaction. I haven’t actualy patched anything yet.

Just the Cross Fader and Input selection, for fun, I hooked it to the output off a MIDI sending device. I also figured out most MIDI channels.

There is some stuff you should do with your V4 before using MIDI, but I have these files in a text file.

I will put some info in my VViki Page.

I attached the file you need to read to configure the V4.
Will post some Patches soon, because now they look prety use-less.

I only made them to proof I could control the V4 with 4v (hehehehe).

edit: to get you started:

Use Tonfilms MidiControllerOut (devices) and thes midi codes:

Channel: 1
Controller: X
Value: Y

Where X use one off these:
1 = Effect A1
2 = Effect A2
3 = Effect A3
4 = Effect A4
5 = Effect B1
7 = Effect B2
8 = Effect B3
9 = Effect B4
10 = Crossfader
11 = Transition
12 = Transformer A
13 = Transformer B
14 = BPM Sync
15 = Transition Time
16 = Outputfader

Make for Y a slider from 0.000 - 1.000 to see the effect.

Controlling Input selection and the memory knob is a bitt trikier, but I will explain soon.

Edirol V4 Preparing for MIDI.txt (3.6 kB)

Here, the T-bar and Input selector.
The Memory button works simulair to the input selectors.

Still working on what the V4 sends out, but I am only interested in the crossfader, and already found that one.

Input selector and T-Bar V4.v4p (31.2 kB)

Cool, thanks West,

I will check the patch and txt file out tonight when I get home. Right now I am using Ableton Live to control Resolume and send timecode to my V4, works out pretty good, but I am interested in creating a much lower powered solution through vvvv as my controlling laptop is only 866Mhz and barely handles live (crashes more than I would like).


I am not sure, but I thought the only way to Sync the BPM counter was thrue time-code (I could be 1000% wrong here). And I havent checked if vvvv has that.

But you don’t need that if you could patch your own BPM modules!!
(like the simple one attached, thnx to Kalle!!)

Will keep you updated ones I found more.

BPMcounter.v4p (7.2 kB)

Hey West any idea’s how to change PREVIEW-OUT?
i’m trying to finish your patch to full control EDIROL,
still can’t figure out how to send out something called
“Timing Clock” the controller note look like this:
0000001 5 – F8 – – – – Timing Clock/
What can that be? How to apply something? It’s to change BPM.
Also i find out that The preset change is somekind of
“Bank” “Patch”
10240 5

That’s all for now, will try to see if i can get that to work.
http://boo.mi2.hr/~klif/V-4/ working MSP patches.

After closer look in to the manual i realized that i need that:

  • Timing Clock
    F8H * Used to synchronize BPM SYNC.

  • Start
    FAH * Specifies the beginning of the beat for BPM SYNC.

  • Continue
  • Specifies the beginning of the beat for BPM SYNC.

And also how to generate:
50H/00H 00H - 07H MEMORY 1-8


ok i made it basic, need upgrades, optimization and coupple of suggestions:

  • 1-t to map all controllers from 0-1 instead 0-127
  • 2-d to make main channel midi channel selectable
  • 3-d to optimize the midishortout’s
  • 4-th make memory select switch

Any help will be good!

Renamed main module to ant-edirol-v4.v4p
Renamed this module to ant-edirol-v4 help.v4p
Mapped All Numerical Values 0-1 instead of 0-127
Memory module attached to main module

Still can’t optimize it properly, i can’t figure out proper actions…
Link same…