EDID resolution isn't reported on Herr Inspektor

Hi guys,

Last time I use my graphics card DVI-D output with a EDID MANAGER . This one >> EDID MANAGER. I’ve set a 1400x1050@50hz resolution on the EDID MANAGER. Windows regonize the resolution and display it. I can found this resolution on my Nvidia Panel but vvvv Renderer “Fullscreen resolution” is blocked to “nil”.
It seems that vvvv Renderer isn’t able to manage the EDID MANAGER resolution.

Is there any solution to this problem?



Hi Thiv,

had the same problem some time ago and did not find a solution with this EDID-Manager and vvvv.
The manufacturer of these useful boxes btw. is lightware and they work perfect with virtually every aplication except vvvv.
Resolution handling in vvvv always was and still is very special (to say it in nice words).

Some time ago we bought some similar units called HDCP Manager.
I do not think that the “HDCP” makes the different but their newer software. Our EDID Managers have software 1.21 and the HDCP-Managers have software 1.36 (written by hand on the back of our units).
However … these newer version i got to work with vvvv … still tricky, especially when connected to the secondary output (different old story ) … but at least they work.
With these units inspector offers 640x480 and 1400x1050.

What software version does your EDID manager have ? … no idea if and how it is possible to update the software on this EDID managers … perhaps you can try to find out.

Good luck


Hi Markus,

What software version does your EDID manager have ?
I don’t have the EDID MANAGER right now with me. I’ll keep it next week.

I’m not sure that a new software version on this EDID manager could fixe it. I use regularly others software like Dataton Watchout and I don’t have this kind of problem.

I’ll made more investigation as soon as possible.


thats what i ment … our “old” EDID managers with software 1.21 work without problems with for example dataton watchout (but not with vvvv).

The HDCP manager with software 1.36 works with watchout AND vvvv. I have no idea what exactly is different between this two units.