EdgeBlend with Video- Help!

It looks like I may need to sort out how to use VVVV’s edge blending + Video in a very very small time window.

Could really do with any advice/example patches

The edge blend itself I have not done before, but from playing with the multiscreen help seems to be straight forward.

What I am more concerned about is I will need to blend 2 videos. Will be using a dualhead2go, on XP. Is there likely to be video texture across displays issues? Would it be any better using Windows 7?

Any experience/comments/workflows would be great. I’ll have equipment to test on Monday.


Video willbe fine on a dual head it appears as 1 monitor to v4.
You might want to keystone each output individually as well, with cons transform, that’s not so hard :)

can only suggest you first think of how your video will be projected, so generate some test pattern for your resolution, then put that pattern like a texture of your vid, use softedge, move around so you don’t have edge, then do what you need with vid…

Thanks guys.

I did some testing today with some old office projectors but ran in to troubles with the DH2GO not liking one of them. Did a blend with one projector and a monitor, but obviously not ideal. Hopefully it’s fine with the proper equipment tomorrow.

I’m also thinking to use a single video @ 2048 x 768 instead of two 1024 ones. Quicktime seems to just scape by at a consistent 25fps after mapping and blending.

On a side note, after installing the matrox software, I noticed my XP machine has span mode options again even without the hardware plugged in. Not sure if I will keep it on, but there is a lot of feedback based stuff that has been a nightmare of late which works fine now.

So it went off without any problems.

One thing still though, I could not figure out how to keystone the outputs prior to edge-blend.

It’s not a problem this time around as the projectors have horizontal key stoning, but I would like to figure this out. Any tips Cat?

I can do separate homography transforms on the content without problems, but this does not affect the edgeblend itself- seems like need to do something inside of multiscreen node.

Hopefully the paths wont be broken, if they are, put it in you modules folder.
I don’t think theres a way of doing it without a render pass, but this way works ok…

MultiScreen (EX9) help.v4p (30.3 kB)

Thank you sir! That work nicely.

Had to think outside of the box :P