I think it will be useful to have an Echo functionality for value in vvvv.
Not sure how it should work, but it seems to me, that the node should reproduce decaying value with a given amount of time and repetition period. Any suggestion, advice or idea would be appreciated…

P.S. Please, don’t consider this like request for doing some coding for me… Will be happy to implement it myself. Just need some vectors from experienced users.

Well, not sure what you are asking, but you can do this in many ways.

A simple LFO (animation) in reverse, mapped with map (value) to the range you require does exactly what you describe.

Or if you don’t know the exact time between 2 events, but do know the fade out time, check the visualize a bang.)-and-((westtricks#use-the-decay-to-visualize-a-bang)

Or perhaps you want to record and play some values change, than there is a queue (spreads), and if you want to “extrapolate it into the future”, check out the Levin (Spreads)

Thanks Westbam,

I wanted to implement a bit different thing (please,see a picture bellow)

I’ve managed to that with two LFO’s. (Thanks to your amazing WestTricks)
However it doesn’t look very nice visually (and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t code effective). If you are interested, what i’m trying to achieve is a representation of echo sound which is widely used in dub and contemporary electronic music.

echo_test.v4p (12.0 kB)

Westbam’s hints are very helpful I think, especially the decay/lfo combination.

I was curious and tried that approach in the patch attached with a couple of probably unnecessary extra options, haha. very rough though!

echo_test_1.v4p (21.3 kB)

you can do it with feedback.

Echo-example.v4p (8.2 kB)

the common implementation of an audio delay effect is exactly the same as suneps solution with the queue…