Easy Toggle Question

hi guys,

are real beginner question:
I have six bangs that toggle six toggles. I want it to be only possible for two of the six toggles to be ON at the same time. If a new interaction is made, the last pressed toggle should be on (or remain on) and the others should turn off.

For clarity i have attached a patch.

In reality i have six piezos that act as pressure sensors. If one of them exceeds a threshold, i get a bang. These bangs i represent in the top left bang-spread in the attached patch.

thanks in advance.

toggle_problem.v4p (12.9 kB)

hi robocopatrick ,i did not understand right what you need but i think you could play a bit with the nodes multifliflop , flipflop , monoflop even peak spread ,they should help in similar occasions.

hello colorsound. thanks for the fast reply.

i have already played with the nodes suggested. i think it’s more a matter of getting my head around the logic.

essentially i am building a modelcity with 6 districts that have pressure sensors underneath. when you touch a distric the display shows info about it. when you touch a second one within about a second it should show you the correlation between the two. when a third ones, or one one of the original two is touched it should jump back to displaying info about just that one again.

my problem is getting the toggle logic right.

as seen in the attached, nearly everything works the way i want it:

  1. press top left bang >> top left toggle goes on.
  2. press top right bang >> top right toggle goes on.
  3. press any other bang (say middle left)>> top left & right go off. Middle left toggle goes on.

No problem so far BUT:
at step 3) if you press the top right bang, instead of any other bang, it turns off although i need it to stay on and top left to go off…

i hope that made it a bit clearer.

like this?

max two toggles on at a time?

toggle_problem_1.v4p (6.0 kB)

very clear description. even it appears to be simple, this cries for the GraphicalAutomata:

TwoTogglesOn.zip (972 Bytes)
toggle_problem_0.v4p (12.9 kB)


hello woei and tonfilm.
woei, your solution works and is exactly what i want. thanks! i’m not sure if i understand it quite yet. i’m new and havent gotten my head around the spectral logic nodes yet.

however tonfilms solution seems a little more elegant because it does not use a framedelay. because i am dealing with lights i will use this method.

GraphicalAutomata looks awesome. I will definitely deal with this more in the future.

Thank you both so much!