Easy setup VJ mapping system

I want build a system where I can put some random screens in a space (all different sizes) and in vvvv quickly map size of each surface then with this mapping project vj sequences over these random surfaces…

I know this difficult…
but what is the best way to do this?

if your just trying to project on a flat surface the homography node is your friend. See my attachment for a very crude method. (There are much nicer ways to do this such but this is easy to understand).

crudeMutliScreen.v4p (29.0 kB)

thanks for that nitro. what about creating an interface where I can control patterns and colors for each quad? To create a cool live 3d light show!

using quads also can only use squares… not triangles or polygonal shape.

you can make triangles by adjusting the homography to a triangle and you could do the polygonal shapes using gridEditor. Have you seen gridEditor?

Hey Kit :)
I really like homography. You can’t do everything with it, but it’s fine to use for loads of shapes. I generally use it for a bunch of little circle screens I made. Just grab the transform out from it and feed to whatever. When you are doing the mapping it can be useful to still have some half alpha quads on as a guide, you can think of them as picture frames or clamps which can hold other things.

If you are mapping more tricky stuff, B-Spline (3d Surface) is also worth a look.