Earth texture mapping glitch

Today I am trying to make a nice little earth. I use a constant DX9 shader to make the sphere and put the grey earth map from the girlpower user map on it. I notice that there are some jagged edges at the very end of siberia and I notice they are also in the girlpower example.

is there a way to avoid these jagged edges?


yes use a sphere with correct sphere UV map from a 3d tool

ja, seems we messed something up in the example.

beta>32.2 has that fixed and comes with a ConstantWrap (EX9.Effect) which you use for mapping spheres. meanwhile you can simply uncomment
//Wrap0 = U; // useful when mesh is round like a sphere
from the constant effect.

I did try uncommenting that line, but it did not make any change. perhaps I just wait for next beta

I think it should be possible to create an earth with the default sphere. Couldn’t the sphere in vvvv by default have the “correct” UV mapping or is there a reason for it not to have that?

ah probably you also need to set the texture-samplers addressmode to wrap. see latest alphas ConstantWrap (EX9.Effect).

the reason for the sphere needing a specific shader is that like this the sphere does not have to double vertices at its seam only to be able to specify 2 different sets of uvs for the points at the seam.