Dynamically generate htmls with responsive css

hi all!

I want to dynamically generate htmls with a little bit of responsive css.

There are different content layouts, and they should adapt to the dimensions of the quad, they are displayed onto. So I throught responsive css would be the way to go, before I have to do all these calculations by myself in vvvv.

htmltexturedx9 does work, but just in the preview renderer. when I put the texture onto a quaddx11 it stays black. htmltexturedx11 does not work at all, it updates really slowly and does not show the picture at all.

is this the right approach?
do you guys haves some tipps for me?

thanks :)

htmlTex.zip (39.9 kB)

the dx9todx11 works if you add a renderpass and use the resulting dx9texture

did you check out the UI example of the dx11 version? you could just use that method to alter css values via javascript, would also be less messy because your original html could be static…

yea I tried that. but I need seven of those babies, and performance-wise it sucks. what UI example are you refering to?

In the contribution folder of https://vvvv.org/contribution/htmltexture-(dx11) there is a sample called “UI Sample.v4p”
Check the method init() in the ui.html in the same folder.

I imagine one of the cleanest ways of manipulating your html and css content dynamically would be to declare dedicated js functions to control your values like so: dynamicHtml.zip (3.5 KB)

nice, tried to avoid js my whole life…
and now scripting easy ease methods.
this is the way to go!
peace out

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