Dynamic Volume Texture: DX9 vs DX9Ex

hi vvvvolks,

it seems that DynamicTexture (EX9.Texture Color) does not work when generating a Volume Texture via Format.

The issue seems to be related to DX9Ex, which as a successor of DX9 is used under the hood since vvvv45beta32.

The attached patch works as expected if i use the command line parameter /dx9 (or if i switch back to vvvv45beta29 or lower).

Otherwise the dynamic texture can not be rendered at all and the attached shader can not process ‘tex3D’, too.

Is there a change to get the patch running with the currect version and without switching to DX9? Is it a bug not beeing reported so far?


dx9-dx9ex.zip (1.1 MB)

hm…whats weird is that tty does not spit any error. next step would be to run this on a win7 machine with dx9-sdk installed and dx9-debugging on. then in event-viewer you get more details about the problem.

but i am afraid it will also just lead to the same issue that is caused by pool-default textures which are now necessary with dx9ex.

it seems a recent change i made to those nodes fixed this issue. can you confirm?