Dynamic Point/Line Network

for an interactive installation i´m trying to achive something like this


in VVVV. I´m relativly new to all of this, so any help or hint would be nice. Maybe a tutorial or a basic explanation of how to achieve this.

Till now i tried to generate an animated randomspread of points and connect them to the line node, but i don´t get it to the point where on point is connected to more than one other point. Changing bin Size on the line node only makes a longer line ;-)
In Addition to that the whole dynamic of constantly changing connections and alpha isn´t clear to me. Maybe it´s more complex to achive in VVVV than i first thought.

thanx in advance

you are lucky. joreg already did it for you. connectall
so yay for free lunch \o/

oh i missed that contribution :-) yeah lucky me, hehe