Dynamic plugin editing

I had a well compiled plugin, listed in vvvv menu and so on, i made a change, and everything just crashes as it happened many times when c# editor cant handle error or not list them correctly;anyway when reopening patch plugin was a red placeholderand i couldnt load it from menu, i tried to correct the error inside .cs file but didnt help.
btw error was an implicit (impossible ) conversion between different values datatypes.

Finally I just copied and pasted the code with error in a new plugin and i had the error listed, being able to correct it, now works again, hope it helps.

I had this problem too.

It was really annoying. Then I figured out the same thing you did. Created a new plugin, manual copy-paste of the code. I also needed to edit the project file, since I used more files.

I installed sharpdevelop. I think I could be more productive with that. Do I have to close and open vvvv after each compile? I haven’t tried it yet. It would be great if some automatic plugin reloading mechanism existed similar to dynamic plugins.

With that said, I appreciate all that is given to us as it is. I don’t mind if there are a couple of quirks. I know it will be fixed sooner or later.

The dynamic plugin feature is great! I tried it out last weekend by making a plugin from some code I wrote a couple of years ago. It truly enables RAPID application development in a way I have never seen before. And remains realtime - amazing!

yo, i use Visual Studio 2010,here some support from vux about it :D

Thanks! That answers all my questions!