Dynamic plugin does not compile on save

i have a simple dynamic plugin which does not compile on save (26.1 and 26). when i close vvvv and start again, it compiles and shows the changes.

to reproduce, just rename a outpin pin and save -> no effect.

one special thing about this plugin, i added System.Data.SQLite.dll with the project explorer.

StringsqlReaderUTF.zip (995.1 kB)

ah thanks, wanted to do a debug patch for this bug as well becuase i had it multiple times, but had no time yet…

I have hit this bug a lot too.

ah yes, thanks. fixed for upcoming release. problem was that copying of referenced assemblies failed as they were obviously in use by the vvvv process.

i’m glad it wasnt too difficult to fix :)

me too!.. no text …