Dynamic Plugin based on external Pack f.e. VVVV.Packs.Image


just coming back to vvvv after a 2 month sabbatical.

My last project heavily involved using the VVVV.Packs.Image. I developed several custom cv nodes based the pack, however the development cycle had beed a bit tedious … --> write code --> restart vvvv --> compile -->check the module --> start over. Exactly the opposite of what vvvv used to feel alike.

… Back then I already had the idea to use the dynamic plugin approach but hadn’t the time to elaborate further. Now that I’m having some free time and a potential cv project around the corner, I really would like to use vvvv and the image pack to do some prototyping work. However this only makes sense to me if there is a faster development cycle, meaning I’m in the research on how to use the images pack inside a dynamic plugin. Quick board searching didn’t really brought anything enlightening.

Any tips would be really helpful.
Thanks m9d

We did it at node in the cv workshop with elliot, I think you just need to reference the image packs dll, and include it into your plugin

the project explorer (ctrl+j) is your friend…