Dynamic Buffer Data Pin Spread-Data


if one uses dynamic buffers within directx 11 patches ( eg for initializing particle system) from time to time vvvv save the whole spread data within the data-pin tag of the dynamic buffer node. (this is quite nonsense because the data pin is still connected to the spread generator…) this behavior leads to huge patch sizes (->200mb) so the patch take minutes to load. even deleting or resetting the node will not fix this as the data stays in the patch file. the only way to get rid of it is to delete the spread data manually within a text editor (which takes minutes to select all of the line) it would be great if there is a way to fix this.



As a work around, I have used a switch with 1 value in on input 1 and switch that to the data when I need to load into the buffer, that seems to work…

not “from time to time” but always when you disconnect a value/color/string/enum pin from its upstream connected pin vvvv saves all the values that were on that connection, right with the input pin.

and i just tested, when i then press ALT+Reset on the node or pin vvvv removes all those values correctly.

while it can be argued that you’d not want that behavior at all, this should at least allow you to handle/workaround it. just fyi: VL does no longer save stuff in input pins like that automatically, so there whenever you disconnect a pin it is reset to its default value.

but you (or me at my initial post) missed the fact that the pin was never disconnected. It does this while the node is still connected to some random-spread…

hmm…that i cannot confirm. i’d argue values are only written to an input when a link is disconnected. if you say otherwise we’d need a step-by-step description of how to reproduce this.