Dynamic amount of input-pins in a plugin (like stallone)

ok, thanks for the tip. the exception is gone at last.

but this plugin idea keeps on throwing problems at me. somehow it seems that the Config pins are buggy. They yield different results depending if they are used before the first frame or during later times. For example string-typed configs cannot be used correctly before first frame if they contain more than one slice. (22.9 kB)

found the time to work some more on the idea of dynamic data stream joining and splitting.

most of the functionality of creating pins has been done with the old plugin interface. creating the dynamic pins when loading the v4p was possible by storing all information in config pins.

the code is kinda messy, but as a prototype it serves well so far. unfortunately the spread-behavior of the config pins remains somewhat unstable, especially in boygrouped environments (try ctrl+b the MessageConfig) and restart the client to see what i mean). (18.1 kB)

I did a complete retake on it. Seems to work a lot smoother with this approach. Can someone test it please?

Dynamic Message (9.2 kB)

cool thing, velcrome !