DXT compression

As this is the best method for storing GFX is there any chance of writer being able to write to this format? Because I’m using a lot of dynamically created thumbnails, it would be great to create them using this format so they will have as little overhead as possible



the problem is that a DX9Texture (a render target texture in directx-terms) cannot be compressed (ie. have one of the DXT1-5 formats).

the writer itself does write different textureformats you hand it over.

so i see no way for what you want to do. probably .jpg is the most lightweight you can get.

Ok, I’ll stick with that,


you can compress the textures to DXT while loading them from disk. Just set the format on the Filetexture to one of the DXT formats. With large textures, DXT usually provides massive improvements by reducing memory usage of textures. As joreg pointed out you can not compress rendertargets.

Note that JPG or PNG will compress material only on the disk, not in the video memory. DXT on the other side allows for compression on the video memory. Compared to JPG or PNG the compression on disk is worse, but DXT can be decoded without absolutely simple algorithms.

Note that DXT usually introduces rather visible artifacts when used with colored graphic material. Photographic imagery usually looks okay, when not inspected to close. So its worth understanding and trying.

Ahh ok, I’ll check that out, I’ve never looked at DXT but haveing seen a post saying its the minimum overhead, and Im always trying to save as much grunt as I can as my patch is quite large!