DX9ToDX11 bug

still blinking here, a34.100_x64

dx9todx11 bug.zip (2.4 kB)

hm…clearly not blinking for me anymore with the new module. did you get latest a34.100?

in the patch you have connected both old and new modules to the texture. in that scenario now even the old one works as long as the new one is connected at the same time.

Any news on that? I also got that problem. dx9todx11 is very unreliable at my computer. Also, when I change the format in the plasma-effect, the renderer goes black, and changing it back doesn’t help.

it is supposed to be fixed in b34.2. if it does not work for you there please upload a patch demonstrating the problem and tell us which architecture (x86/x64) you’re running.

ja… that was it… got an old vvvv ;)