DX9texture to compressed avi

hi guys.
how can i save a compressed avi file…from a “DX9texture”?
…Danke :)

I think the only way to do it would be to render an image sequence which then can be used to render a video in e.g. virtual dub.
Have a look at writer nrt or jannis´ screenshot-module which can be found here


you could try dx9texture - asvideo - compress - writer (d9show).
never managed to achieve reasonable framerates however.

non realtime rendering is results in a much better quality anyway


…the woei way is ok,…i need to save sequential .avi files in a folder, and send to another vvvv.
The framerates is ok…for my resolution

thnks again

…I try to attach the file

save_as_avi.v4p (8.4 kB)