Dx9ex texture sharing stops updating after a while

Hi Devvvvs

I have eagerly awaited the ex9dx feature and have tried it out today using the sharedtester patches from a zip file somewhere.

the texture sharing works fine, but after around 13 seconds it stops updating the renderer on the recieving side.

if I delete the renderer and press ctrl+z to get it back, it works again for around 13 seconds.

This happen when I use /allowmultiple and not when I don’t

tty is silent during this


hm…not experienced this yet.
what you mean with “This happen when I use /allowmultiple and not when I don’t”

do you mean sharing-textures in one instance works and only between 2 instances fails after a while?

anyone else seen this?

Yes, I mean that when I share textures between two patches in the same instance of vvvv it works. if it is separate instances using /allowmultiple it does not work.

I use the files in the attached zip… I modified it a little bit from the one I downloaded at one point.

sharedtester.zip (21.4 kB)

There are native nodes for sharing no need for the plugins maybe that’s the problem. when i’ve tried it worked for me without any bug

@microdee that seems to be it.

I felt like it was a lot of info to patch every time I need to send, so I have made these little modules where I can just input a spread of textures.

please modify and make more complete.

ShareTextureModules.zip (5.8 kB)

cool! i’d suggest however to send it as osc messages like “/sharedtex siisss” (s: shared handle (long int’s appearently aren’t supported in osc), ii: XY resolution, s: format, s: usage, s: title/application name) md.bot uses a similar “protocol” so multiple applications can send arbitrary amount of textures for one receiver which outputs a spread of them from one port. due to the limitation of the udp protocoll one texture cannot be sent to multiple receivers on the same port (unfortunately) but the textures could be read from multiple applications (for instance in md.mix both the renderer vvvv and the gui vvvv reads the same textures sent from md.bot’s).
here are some examples from what i built for md.vis

ShareTextureModules2.zip (8.1 kB)

hi microdee. how do you use the native nodes for this?

I see the info has a handle output, but when I use this value as the input for the ‘shared memory name pin’ on the SharedMemory (ex9.texture) node, I don’t get anything out.

Does SharedMemory (ex9.texture) work like this?

(your modules are working btw. thanks)