Dx9ex commandline while boygrouping?

Hello there!

I wanted to ask if there is a way to combine the comandline options…

My aim is to share textures beteween vvvv and processing/resolume/unity but with multiple computers(Boygrouping)…

So for that i have to start vvvv with the client comandline parameter but also with the dx9ex comandline parameter.

is there a way to combine both?

Or is there another way?

commandline parameters can easily combined, like so:
vvvv.exe /dx9ex /client

but note that since b32 you don’t need /dx9ex anymore since it is now the default.

Beta 32.1 defaults to dx9ex so no need to use this.
Anyway, this should work
vvvv.exe /param1 /param2
Sorry, late.

Wow thanks for the fast replies! will try it soon!