DX9 Trouble

Beta 12 explicitly looks for the outdated d3dx9_30.dll.
Older vvvv Versions still work though.

i don´t think the d3dx9_30.dll is outdated since it comes with the latest directx runtime. there is also an advice on the downloads page which states that Beta12 needs the latest directx runtime to be installed in order to work correctly.

The latest release is d3dx9_31 (developers; oct. 2006). Renaming helps but isn’t elegant.

strange. the idea with the directx-updates is that when they upgrade to a new .dll they will still include the older one.

i confirmed this by installing dx-dec06 update on a rather old machine (that only had a dx-version istalled from a year ago). the installer brought me all .dlls from d3dx9_28.dll to d3dx9_31.dll.

Were Does Beta 13 look for directX

hai spartan, it doesn’t work like that. vvvv doesn’t look for directx in a specific place. when you install directx via their installer it will be in a place where vvvv can find it.