Dx9 to freeframe effects?

Here’s one for you;

What I’m trying to do is apply freeframe effects to the dx9 output of a renderer. Specifically, in this case, I’ve got a still image that I’m moving around on a grid using a texture transform, and I’d like to apply freeframe effects to the result of that. More generally, the patch I’m using for vjing is a lot of sub-patches sent through dx9 texture to a series of grids, and it’d be nice to apply freeframe to those outputs as well.

So it seems to me that I need to translate a dx9 datatype into a directshow datatype, but I don’t see any immediate way of doing that. Any ideas?

As a secondary question, if I wanted to post my main patch and say “tell me how this sucks”, would that go under “patching questions” or “rocknroll”?



AsVideo (EX9.Texture) is what you’r looking for, but you won’t have super performance with it… if you are able to achieve the same effects with pixelshaders, you should go that way.

to send out your patch to an ass kickin’ jury, rocknroll is the right place :)

good night and good luck.

Thanks tonfilm, that’s exactly what I needed. And I see what you mean about the performance, but I’m still a little scared of pixelshader coding just yet.

And, I’ll clean up my patch a bit and put it up in rocknroll soon, thanks for the clarification.


may i add that if “sucks” means: it doesn’t work, then you should still post to the “patching questions”, but if “sucks” means: Is this cool or what? then okay, go Rock’n’Roll.


Hey Pan, if it any help, I cant code to save my life, but I’ve made some pixel shaders!
Having said that, once it gets past pixel operations, I’m stuffed!


max: thankfully, I’m in the latter category. I’m mostly looking for suggestions towards greater efficiency. Something like “you know you wrote this entire subpatch to do what this node already does”, or “boy, that’s a stupid number of dx9 texture nodes”.

catweasel: you keep making yourself useful like that and you’re going to wind up with me as your new best friend whether you like it or not ;>


and of course if your patch really really sucks, the even better place is in the gallery blog, with images and links and all the like…