DX9 Texture Nodes Revision


I’m working on a general revision of all Nodes in the category (EX9.Texture Filter).

The 90 (!) Nodes have been contributed to the addonpack by @lecloneur and @unc - first of all applause for the great work.

Changes will be minor and NOT breaking your old patches. When Pins change, the old nodes will be set to ‘Legacy’, so your old patches will use the old nodes.

Here are the things we want to do:

  • Building standardized helppatches for every effect. They will be very simplistic, like this:

  • Standardizing coordinates input to vvvv coordinates: origin at the centre, X to the right, Y up, from -1 to 1. Taken as one input instead of separate X and Y inputs. That will affect nodes like Magnify and RotZoom.

  • Standardizing input names to Upper Case names with spaces. This will affect only a few nodes like Pinch.

  • Setting default values. This will also affect only a few nodes like Pinch.

Most of the nodes are fine like they are - and they’re great!

While we’re at it - any other suggestions of what needs to be done? Especially @lecloneur and @unc - any suggestions?

The reason for this rework is that I’m making new video tutorials on http://vvvv.academy and want to use these nodes ;)


Add to the list: Size/Thickness etc input pins should be normalized, not relative to the image resolution.

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