/dx9 Flash and Text (Geometry)

With SharedTexture mode on Flash renderer is working, Flash (Chrismo) isn’t whether in either mode and Text (Geometry) still isn’t working with shared texture.

About Chrismo Flash, I get the error in the file.


Flash(Chrismo) (24.1 kB)

as stated in this blogpost: cross-process-texture-sharing-depth-rendering thats unfortunately the way it is. both are based on closed-source third party code that just won’t work with dx9ex. so unless someone decides to replace them it’ll be like that.

flash could still work though as long as your input movie has a width/height in powers of two, like 512x256.

The Flash Render or the Chrismo Flash. Chrismo help file breaks down regardless of whether I activate dx9 mode or not.
Flash Renderer seemed okay in the help file in both settings.

New bug from an old patch that came up on loading. I don’t know what the source of the error was as its a pretty dense patch, but my mesh went cabloowee. Happens without dx9 mode.


Mega Mesh tear Error (50.8 kB)

for chrismos flash-plugin you need the flash activex control 10.0 (as stated in the helppatch).

concerning the error: my bad, hopefully fixed in latest alpha.