Dx9 -> ex9?

I’m looking for the “cheapest” way of getting circles, like segment, only in ex9-land, for lighting and whatnot.

In fact, all those lovely dx9 nodes… are similar things possible with ex9?

(yes, confused newb.)

cheers for any insights,

@majortom did something like this…Have a look at Pillow(Ex9Geometry)
Ofc, could be improved for your own purpose…

there’s Shade (EX9.Renderstate) though it doesn’t really seem to work on my setup here…

thanks guys. Haven’t tried that pillow before.
Okay, noodling about with segment has made me want to do broken circles. You know the type ;)

How’s this best done? I have a working method of dynamically texturing zero-Z spheres, but it’s really expensive.

Any pointers? I know it’s cheesy, the techno-donut of the new millenium, but I just have to get it out of my system.
thanks again, chaps.

nothing? hm. Alright, I will have to see what can be done with the “surfaces” shader, as it seems to do a lot of the stuff I am looking for at the moment.

you challenged me.


(found a funny bug btw.))

Segment (EX9.Geometry).zip (4.1 kB)

oh wow, kalle, that’s brilliant!

One little niggle (though I hate to mention this, the patch is so great): Spreading doesn’t seem to work properly. Any chance this could be fixed?

but again, wicked stuff, mate. Great!


that’s brilliant!

thx, perhaps advanced but not brilliant.
if yo want to see really brilliant things done with geometries look at @majortom|majortom))'s and ((user:dottore’s userpages.

Spreading doesn’t seem to work properly

hhm, i tried to spread a simple box.

you think of sth like this?!?
see patch.

SpreadingMesh.v4p (6.4 kB)

^… no text …

Segment bug.v4p (11.5 kB)

regular spreads in vvvv work perfectly fine, however in your Segment module applying a spread to the “cycles” or “inner radius” inputs is buggy. It produces connecting lines across the circular segment, “closing it” if you will.

above is an attachment showing this behaviour.


One last attempt at this - has anyone gotten segment ex9 patch to work?

Kalle, if you could spare any advice on this I’d be chuffed.


here a little fx for you, since you seem to need it very desperately.

(as soon as i’ve done a proper codecleaning and a nice helppatch it’ll be available in the shader gallery.)

Segment PhongDirectional.zip (3.2 kB)

woooooohoooooooooooooo!!! This is it, man!!! Yes!

Thank you so much, woei, really appreciated! This is for doing loop visualisation, and it’s going to rawk :-)

I had a problem with the depth sorting in fullscreen mode, will investigate that a bit.


silly question: did you set the renderers pin “fullscreen depthbuffer format”?

Hi Kalle,

yes, I tried all available settings. When depth buffer is on I get jaggies when segments coexist in the same plane - The absense of this problem was one of the reasons I switched to vvvv from Jitter.
Turn the buffer off: No more jaggies (or depth sorting ;) )
Picture demonstrating the problem is attached. I haven’t seen this in any other patch in vvvv, at least not to this extent.

jaggies—vvvv.png (81.3 kB)

see related thread with another solution