Dx9 and dx11 together

hi all,
probably it’s a very stupid question, there’s a way to use dx9 and 11 at the same time? (i’m quite shure the answer is no). anyway there’s a way to convert a dx9 texture to dx11? for example, if i want to use kinect in dx11 how can i do? there’s already a way?

thx, and sorry for the stupid question, if it is…

not stupid.

here is what we have right now:
the official way for you to try dx11 is using b29.2 + directx11-nodes-alpha

as soon as you apply the dx11 stuff to b29.2 you’ll loose the dx9 stuff. and this is still without the kinect.

upcoming b30 will have dx9 and dx11 working in parallel. i’ve heard of nodes to convert textures between the two, but haven’t seen them myself. regarding kinect stuff vux has them for dx9 and dx11 where packaging is not yet sorted out but we’ll find a way.

and just for completeness:
the brave can already use latest alpha and build the dx11 stuff for themselves from https://github.com/joreg/dx11-vvvv/tree/alphatest

thank you joreg, now i understood :)
now i’m using latest alpha for dx9 and 29.2 with dx11 nodes for dx11 stuff, and of course without kinect (only skeleton available).
I’m really excited about the b30, love the idea of dx9 and dx11 working together :))