DX11 vs Fuse?

I’m new to VVVV, I’m just a little confused on what is the best way in 2022 to do GPU processing (particles, shaders ecc) using vvvv.
There are a lot of DX11 tutorials on YT dated 2018.
Did the Fuse library replaced DX11?
What’s the story behind these two libraries?
Thank you very much!

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hey szreg,

if you’re new to vvvv, then you’re talking about vvvv gamma. but DX11 was a term mostly used in combination with the previous version: vvvv beta

now with vvvv gamma, for rendering we first distinguish between 2d (Skia) and 3d (Stride) rendering. then, for 3d rendering, in addition to the basics, that the Stride library shipping with vvvv brings (models, lights, PBR materials, shaders…), there is a couple of additional, user contributed libraries you can utilized. the biggest of which is FUSE that focuses on these features.

hope this helps clarify a bit.

Thanks @joreg , that definitely helped!

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